With October 31st around the corner, you must have stocked up on your pumpkins for spice latte and jack-o’-lanterns, because Halloween is incomplete without them. And if you are hosting a costume party, then you need to brainstorm on the spookiest of party tricks and ideas to remind your friends who the real boss is. Amazon provides a wide range of exciting Halloween deals for its customers at pocket-friendly rates. Let’s dive into the most amazing Halloween offers at Amazon for giving your guests goosebumps!

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Costume ideas

Halloween is a day when you can dress up as anyone or anything, and confidently own it. So if you’re visualising yourself as your favourite movie character, or an awesome historical figure, Amazon is the genie for your wishes. There are three broad categories for the division of all disguises- Superheroes, Classic, Spooky & Scary, and Pop Culture.

  • Women’s costumes: If you desire the complete aura of the beautiful Cleopatra or a fierce Star Wars Stormtrooper, should check out the female disguise section on Amazon, which will take you to the dreamland of every imaginable character costume ever!
  • Men’s Costumes: For men who want to experiment with the ferocious look of Mr. Incredible or the best-selling T-Rex Inflatable outfit, should check out this page at Amazon to find out what best suits your personality and discover the scary parts of yourself through a wide array of men’s Halloween costumes. The website’s personal choice of the Inflatable YEAHBEER Unicorn costume will give your personality a fun and colourful dimension.
  • Children’s Costumes: For kids, who are the most excited on Halloween, Amazon has fantastic deals that you can’t say no to. Boys’ such as Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Sumo Wrestler, and girls’ Princess Elsa, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and many more outfits are available on the website for you to choose from.
  • Baby Costumes: What’s more adorable than babies dressed up in furry animal onesies? With a variety of options to choose from, high-quality baby costumes are available in the baby costume section at reasonable prices.
  • Pet Costumes: And just when you thought your pet was going to spend a boring Halloween, Amazon offers the cutest animal costume ideas like lion mane, neckties, butterfly wings, T-rex outfit, fancy headbands and many more. But don’t get insecure if your pet gets more attention than you!
  • Accessories: For people who want to create their own costumes by mix-and-match have a surprise waiting for them in the accessories section ranging from wigs and masks to headgears and lightsabers. These can be paired with either more accessories or outfit ideas to create new and unique looks.

Decorative Items

Whether it is a graveyard-themed Halloween party or a haunted house look, Amazon has got you covered with a mind-blowing set of decorative items that add the extra oomph. In case you’re stuck, here are some ideas on themes for your party:

  • You can paste papers on the wall with the letters of English alphabet, and hang fairy lights over them for that Stranger Things look.
  • The scary garden gnomes available on Amazon can be arranged in your garden for providing a chilly welcome to your guests.
  • Your house can be transformed into a haunted art gallery or museum with the crazy wall-hangings and showpieces (including animal skeleton!) sold at the website.
  • To make a Witch’s lair, you can order plastic spiders and artificial cobwebs off Amazon, along with plastic bags, a cauldron, and a broom. The Witch costume can be arranged from the costume section.

For the addition of extra drama, light bulbs can be replaced with red and yellow ones that heighten the fear factor.

Halloween Treats

How can Halloween be complete without tasty treats and snacks? Kids love this festival because this is when they have all the candies and chocolates they like! Amazon knows the struggle you face to stock up on your treats and has a huge selection of assorted treats to suit your flavour. There are Haribo gummy candies, Life Saver hard candies, lollipops, Mentos chewing gums, Ice Breakers mints, m&m’s, Hershey’s Kisses, marshmallows, Skittles, Reese’s, and the list goes on and on.

You can make cute little paper pockets and fill them with candies for trick-or-treating, or go with a more theme-based idea that complements your decor.

But wait, there’s more to this! Amazon takes care of its customers who are allergic to food items like peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish. There are allergen-free candies of your favourite brands available on the website.

Entertainment Ideas

To bring your Halloween party to life, you must keep your guests engaged in some entertainment that just adds to the scary element of the festival. One of the easiest and fun-packed ways is horror movies. Amazon has a spine-chilling collection of horror movies like the Insidious series, The Conjuring, Child’s Play, Carrie, and many more. And for the kids, there are animated horror movies like Hotel Transylvania, Sammy’s Spooktacular Halloween, Monsters Inc., along with several others.

When you’re not watching movies, you can always play truth or dare and give each other scary dares, or narrate real (or fake!) horror stories, so that you can pull pranks on them later!

Gift Ideas

Whether you’re visiting someone else’s costume parties, or have kids and guests over at your place, it’s great to gift them goody bags that contain fun and creepy stuff. You can purchase Halloween toys off the toys section, like Netflix Super Monster Figures, beauty boxes, and stickers. You can also gift them with any of the decorative items from the Halloween Decor section.

And if you’re in a mood of mischief, you can always stuff their goody bags with plastic bugs and pebbles wrapped with candy wrappers. It is, after all, the festival meant for scaring others!

Everybody has a horror story to tell which they either have heard, or experienced (boo!).

Share with us your fun-filled Halloween experiences in the comments below!

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