Samsung is stepping up its game by introducing innovative technological devices and software that surprise its customers with every release. Aiming to get bigger and better, the brand has launched its Galaxy Note series, which grows further to adapt to the user with every model.

Samsung has recently announced its new user interface called One UI which is designed to provide an extraordinary experience to the user. The exact date for its release hasn’t been confirmed yet, but this interface will be officially available for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in January 2019.

This update, however, will also be provided to the recently released versions Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8. This news is huge for Samsung users and has got them excited already!

Let’s dive into the new One UI to know more about it!

The big announcement

Recently, in a conference held in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled its One UI that is claimed to give an entirely new software experience to its users. The aim is to enhance one-handed usage of the phone that allows the user to feel more comfortable navigating around the phone’s contents.

The next generation software is expected to be released with the Galaxy Note 9 next year. This Android skin will facilitate the new Android system update called Pie. The brand declares that it is an entirely unique software with an aesthetic look which is new even to Samsung.

Features of One UI

The company takes pride in announcing the highlights of this new update and how it is different from and superior to its predecessors. Samsung says that “One UI helps you focus on what really matters to you”. With confidence in its smooth functioning, One UI is said to maintain harmony between the hardware and software seamlessly.

The developers have put great emphasis on the smaller details that constitute the larger whole. This kind of dedication from the developers heightens the hopes of Samsung users who are anticipating the release of the user interface that’s “made to focus”. The system is organised to mould itself to the usage pattern to provide an effective interaction that feels quite natural.

All the features are at the fingertips of the user for easy access, and the decluttered screen displays essentials on a single tap.

Night Mode

The UI is also equipped with the Night Mode feature that allows the users to adjust the interface according to their comfort level. The visuals are promised to be vivid and intuitive so that there’s no inconvenience in its operation.

The dark theme provides a grey-on-black background, in contrast to the normal mode which supports a white background. Apart from being softer on the eyes, Night Mode also gives Samsung phones a contemporary demeanour.

Easy Gestures

To assist the feature of one-hand usage, One UI has screen gestures that ease the process of operating the phone.

Gestures like swiping up from the centre bottom of the screen take the user to the homepage while swiping up from the left open the recent apps section. These well-thought access features grant the user an effortless navigation through the phone.

Redesigned layout

Samsung has actively tried to revamp the look of its visuals by redesigning the app icons, Bixby home layout, quick settings menu and apps. The app icons and cards in Bixby home now have a fresh look with rounded corners instead of pointed ones.

The quick settings menu now drops to the full length of the screen and has a larger set of options. Apps like Camera and Gallery to have been renovated with different one-tap access tabs. The aim is to achieve a blend of classic and modern looks to create an interface that’s more manageable on Samsung’s larger phones.

One UI Beta Program

Samsung is conscious about its quality and is constantly looking for the feedback of its customers. To give Samsung users a glimpse of the One UI, the company has launched the One UI Beta Program.

Before the release of the new gen interface in 2019, users get a chance to enjoy the exceptional experience of One UI and provide their views on the interface and how it can be improved. The company has understood that a product can only be reviewed after it has been used.

To ensure that its customers get the best out of the new latest interface, this program has been launched for participants in China, France, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, Spain, UK, and the USA.

This testing movement can be joined through the Samsung Members application downloadable from Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps. Although not all the features of the original are provided in this tester, it is still a good demonstration of Samsung’s new innovation.

And apparently, Samsung fans are quite delighted to welcome One UI to their phones. What’s more exciting is that the original One UI is going to be better than its Beta Program.

Until then, the customers need to hold their breaths until January and enjoy the demo version. Let’s see how the company surprises us this time!

Samsung announces new interface; One UI
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Samsung announces new interface; One UI
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